Album Review: Where Are We Going by Octo Octa

“I’m only really out on the dance floor.” Sorry, that’s not meant to be a heady academic reference to gender theory, it just happens to be something I said one night when I was drunk at 3 AM at Smart Bar. But for lots of people, loads throughout history I’d dare to reckon, it’s something completely true. Coming out, going out, out to your family, out to the dance floor, it’s all a blurry, homonymous part of the queer experience. Just think of Diana Ross and her three euphoric words: “I’m… Coming… Out…” These words defined the disco and then later the house movements we know and love. Ostensibly Ross wasn’t actually coming out [of the closet], but it serves as the perfect anthem to those with a closet in their timeline either way. Where Are We Going? the aptly-titled new record from Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s project Octo Octa, is a sonic manifestation of coming out. It’s euphoric, it’s gritty, it’s necessary.

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