Interview: Bulldog Eyes

Georgie Gould of Bulldog Eyes

Georgie Gould and I first met through the Internet at a time of mutual crises. Suffering from newly developing confusion and spending days in a dysphoric haze, I reached out to a stranger that seemed to understand. Even years after our short-lived communications through the infamous Tumblr ask box, Gould’s music as Bulldog Eyes has remained a source of security and comfort in my life. Gould is a brilliant songwriter in a way few others can claim. In the world of “bedroom pop” where short and emotionally blunt songs run the game, Gould’s sheer songwriting skill makes their work pop in all the best senses, mirroring one of their biggest inspirations: Robert Pollard. Their 2015 album Asleep boasts a Bandcamp review that starts: “I am not kidding when I say that this is my favorite album of all time,” and it’s easy to see why by just the very first soft-spoken, pop-perfect refrain.

Read the full interview here.

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