5 underground electronic albums you missed in 2016


Shockingly, this far into 2016, there have been very few releases in the to-the-core electronic vein that have captivated the public. New albums from popular icons like Disclosure, Brian Eno, Mark Pritchard, Massive Attack and more have gathered some praise, but there hasn’t been an In Colour, an Our Love, for this year. Even with a new Aphex Twin EP around the corner, steam is starting to be lost in terms of applause for our musical creators behind the computers and the decks.

But despite the lack of popular outcry, despite the drought of Best New Musics, Eurekas, and RA recommends, 2016 has brought about a tidal wave of underground contemporary releases from producers on the come up. As it’s more halfway through the year and summer is the best time to dance, to relax, to sleep in, and to stay up, we’ve compiled the 5 best of these overlooked gems for your drum machine and synth-hearty needs.

Read the full list here.

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