The gray area: Three Voices

Andreas, Roquel, and Morgan sit on their respective beds

With a national eye on universities, three students with different backgrounds and conflicting perspectives all try and make their campus a better place.

Books in Roquel’s dorm room.
Books in Roquel’s dorm room. (Photo: Elijah Fosl)

For this project, I worked with a newsroom of other students in cooperation with in order to create a multimedia online project that explored the incredibly complex issue of freedom of expression and creating safer spaces on college campuses.

My story aimed to show the reality of students living college lives who were involved in the discussion. I spent weeks with three separate students all on different sides of the debate with different backgrounds and identities. Through their three voices, I explored the sheer complexity of the issue as well as how background and personal experience can shape discourse.

I also acted as the web director for the project, designing and creating the site via WordPress platform.

Read the full story here.

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