WVAU 2015: Most Overrated Albums

I Love You Honeybear cover art

You’re sitting at a bar in Bushwick waiting for your date. It’s a blind date that your friend set you up on and you’re feeling really weird about the whole thing. Your friend said the guy was someone you’d like and that, in addition, he “really needed to get out more, so you’d be doing him a favor.” You order a glass of wine to calm your nerves and, right as you’re taking your first sip, he arrives. He’s good-looking in an art school dropout sort of way, and he’s tall with a beard that’s impressive but kind of turns you off with its unkemptness. He’s wearing a blazer over an old Slayer t-shirt, something that would normally call for an eye-roll, but you refrain. He takes off his Ray Ban knockoffs and reaches to shake your hand. He “can’t believe we’re on a blind date forreal.” He sits and asks what wine you ordered. He acts interested but quickly adds that he doesn’t drink California wines. He orders a pint of a stout from a local microbrewery. It seems intense for, what is it, two in the afternoon? But whatever, he could be nervous too, give the guy a chance

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